Brave New World!

Hello, World! Mahalo, Hennen’s contributors, fans, and writer types from around the world.

No, what you’re seeing isn’t a mistake, a typo or a figment of your imagination.  The email newsletter may be dead and gone, but as Hennen’s enters the blogging age, The Week in Review will evolve along with it.  Communication is more instantaneous than when Hennen’s Observer was first founded in 2009–entertainers Twitter on their Android phones, teenagers lob questions on their Formsprings, and there are more mayors on FourSquare than the entire Council of Cities combined.

As the Internet evolves, it is only right that The Week in Review evolves with it.  We may be joining the ranks of Charlie Sheen, goth girls and the mayor of your local pub, but our mission hasn’t changed.  We still intend to deliver the same literary news, excerpts, interviews and features that enhances the main website as much as it enhances it. The updates will be a bit more frequent than in the past–but that’s only a good thing.  In time there will also be room for photos, contests and miscellaneous projects unique to TWIR.

In keeping with our new format news, features and poetry will be updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  At the right hand of your screen you’ll find a list of calandar, word cloud, blogroll along with the real-time Facebook and Twitter feeds.  There is also an option to subscribe to TWIR via email, if that’s your thing.  You can also comment on our stories as well–in fact, we encourage you to do so.

We hope you join us in welcoming The Week in Review to this brave new world of instantaneous technology.  Till then, aloha,  and wish you and yours the best.


John Winn

Social Media Coordinator,