Interview: Carla Summers

Carla Summers in her natural habitat.

Sensual. Saucy. Provocative.  “Carla Summers” is all of these. It’s not her real name, of course, but the Raleigh-based author’s flair for spicy, erotica-laden prose and poetry precedes her regardless.  Little is known about her, but within the last year she’s burned up laptop screens everywhere with works like “We Have Only Words” (NSFW) and “Let Me Be Restored” (NSFW). But as Hennen’s John Winn finds out, there’s more to Carla than meets the eye.

[Caution–story contains external links which may have sexually suggestive content.  The Week in Review is not responsible if readers are disturbed or offended–Eds.]

JW: You’ve only written one poem so far, but it’s a very sensual one.  How did you happen upon the idea for “We Have Only Words”?

CS: My motivation always comes from life experiences.  Unfortunately for me, carnal passions are my biggest motivations.

JW: Do you typically write saucy prose?

CS: Yes.

JW: How do you juggle writing with your other duties?  Is there a set “routine” that you follow?

CS: No set routine, when I am involved in a deep thought process, I reach for a way to describe it.

JW: Who are your major influences, literary wise?

CS:  I am not well read therefore I have no favorites, except one writer on your website.  He is Alberto Arza.  I like to follow his writings.

JW: Final question: Do you have anything else up your sleeve?

CS: I have things I have written but have not posted due to the saucy nature of them.  I don’t want to be thought of as just a shallow sensual woman.  I have tried to write about other subjects–I do want to grow in the literary field–but my passions lie completely in the subjects of romance and love/sex between men and women.

My request for you is to give me an assignment.  That sets my mind to work for the mark.  I would like to see you challenge everyone to write about the same subject and post their work so that we may see the different styles and interpretations of each individuals thought processes.