Photo Essay: Memento

EDEN, N.C–Some people do crosswords, others do Suduko puzzles, and then there’s wheelbarrows.

Correspondent John Winn obtained this photo in the backyard of a local Draper resident.  The retiree–who only gave his first name, Jack–showed off this tan one-wheeler outside his makeshift workshop.  The self-named conveyance is elegant in it’s simplicity, yet it is a helpful reminder of sanity in a world lacking it.  The 83 year-old, whose wife suffers from Alzheimer’s, is reminded of his wife’s illness in a thousand small ways each day. This humble reminder of his identity is self-affirming as he watches her disappear before him.

For the record, the median age in the town is 39 years.  Over 20%–nearly a quarter of the population–are 65 and older.  An unspecified amount of residents suffer from some form of dementia.