The Sirens’ Song

By Megan Robb

In an old, old story, told and retold

Sirens, a flock of pretty bird-women

Beckoned boats with mating calls: “O Sailor

Come with us and learn the sea’s deep secrets.”

The unheard verse being “We’ll take you down.”

And they kept ships crashing and men drowning

Until Odysseus escaped their trap

With bigger fish to fry waiting back home

“Tie me up! Tie me down!” he told his men

“I’ll struggle but don’t let me leave the mast”

How the Sirens’ feathers ruffled that day.

And now we need our seatbelt straps

Only our necks straining to see what

Gruesome wrecks are being advertised

By alluring lights and violent songs

From mechanical sirens in the night.

Contributing writer Megan Robb is a writer, consultant and editor living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her articles can be found at,, and, as well as her personal website,


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