New Directions And Killer Clowns

Hey writers and lit geeks!

John Winn here.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted to the blog.  Between the various business meetings, research assignments  and Tweets I’ve sent out these last several weeks, I haven’t been able to write as much as I hoped.  Without Megan Robb’s passion and enthusiasm these past few weeks, we would be lost.  I may have to watch out or she’ll have my head if I’m not careful (Just kidding Megan–you’re awesome).  Give her a round of applause–I think she’s earned it.

Recently, Joshua and I have made a  series of strategic decisions to take the blog in a new direction.  Effective immediately, we will be focusing exclusively on comedy and humor. In contrast to the main website, The Week in Review will offer up a series of satirical essays, parodies, burlesque, wit and anything else smart alecks can think of.  As we like to call it “A slice of levity with a side of bacon”.  Our focus has changed, but our mission will remain the same–offering quality poetry and prose , and yes, humor.

The staff will largely stay the same, with me and Joshua in a sort of editor in chief role setting the tone of the blog, if you will.  Megan will continue doing her Megan thing, and we’ll continue to tweet articles as they arrive.

FYI, if you have any story ideas, please feel free to Josh or myself at or

But you better be funny, or the clowns will eat you.

Social Media Coordinator (and managing editor) John Winn is Hennen’s Twitterer in Chief.  In addition to writing for Hennen’s, His work has been featured in A Twist of Noir, Lightning Flash, Racket Magazine, and plenty of other online magazines.  He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.


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