Moving Like Jagger…Sort Of.

The Maroon 5 song “Moves Like Jagger” has had a curious evolution in my mind. That stupid whistling intro originally meant “Change the radio station!” Then it became, “Maybe I should watch [Mick Jagger’s classic movie] Performance again.” Then:  “It’s a pretty catchy song if you ignore the whole Mick Jagger part.” And finally: “What’s the missing half of the first verse?”

Here are the lyrics in question,  according to

 You say I’m a kid

 My ego is big

 I don’t give a…

  And it goes like this

Obviously I can guess what comes after “I don’t give a”, but then there’s a noticeable silence before the song picks back up with “And it goes like this.” It seems like an entire line was cut out. I like to fill in the censored blanks of songs with what I think the words are, and I came up with a pretty filthy guess as to what the missing lyrics were. However, other than the predictable closer to “I don’t give a”, there are no secret lyrics that the radio has kept hidden. Those few seconds of dead air before the chorus starts are exactly that. I just found that out, and I’m disappointed.

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