Movie Monday: Why Me Instead of Ebert and Roeper?

By Alexandra Harris

There is absolutely no reason why you should take my word over Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper. Or Wikipedia.

There, that was my reverse psychology for the day. I will say I enjoy movies and pledge to you my undying passion for writing with sarcastic wit, but that’s my final offer. Before we embark on this cinematic journey, I felt I should explain why I think it’s worth doing and assure you the movies are only confined to matters of writing or writers in order to value our time.

Reading books is better than movies. Usually. I make this claim with the utmost regard for our imaginations. Especially with books turned into movies, most of the time the book is mind blowingly better than the drivel the movie manages to portray. The exceptions to this rule are few and far between, but my favorite example is Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy which is cinematic gold that I am unashamedly obsessed with (seriously, I wear my Evenstar with each viewing).

But when we aren’t focusing on books turned into movies or my obsession, I find movies about writers particularly interesting. Did you know there are more than 236 movies about writing? I didn’t put together that list, but that is a lot of cinema devoted to writers block, creative processes, meltdowns, spurts of genius.

This is why on Mondays I’d like to start something new and review movies dedicated to our craft. Some you may have seen already, and on some points we may not agree, but my goal is to provide funny and interesting reviews.

I loved the Avengers (don’t worry, it’s not on our journey) and since I’m from Wisconsin I, by default, have to love the Packers. This is why the following meme brings them together in perfect harmony. If you are not familiar with what a meme is don’t worry, we’ll get to it later. For now, feast your eyes:

I realize I’m not writing to an enthusiastic crowd of Packer fans, but consider the meme as paying homage to one of the best delivered lines in the movie.

I’ll be reviewing the movies in no particular order. Some will be on the list I linked to, some won’t like our topic for next week *cough cough Anonymous cough cough*. Talking about Shakespeare’s authenticity should definitely start us off with a bang.

Also, if you aren’t sure about watching Becoming Jane (I recommend) or if you’ve seen It Happened One Night and Wonder Boys but you’d like another opinion just for curiosity’s sake, feel free to let me know. Or this can be mostly one-way like Twitter, I don’t mind and I’m looking forward to it.

Alexandria Harris is a writer and recent college graduate. When she isn’t writing, watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on repeat, or working in her father’s company, she tweets regularly on her account @_ALHarris. Alexandria lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin